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За нас

Starting from the moment the first mechanical watches were invented in XIII century the main value of these devices was their precision work. For many centuries watch-makers all over the world had worked for achieving ideal accuracy movement of their creations. And when it became real quartz crystal watches were invented which were indistinguishable in appearance from the mechanical ones but worked on battery power. Developers of quartz mechanisms also strained after providing their creations with high accuracy movement. Improving the clockwork drive accuracy is concerned with amazing properties of quartz which is a specific type of crystal and which resembles glass in appearance. When subjected to tension, electric current or pressure the quartz crystal vibrates or oscillates with constant frequency. The first quartz watches were characterized by the highest level of accuracy.
If we compare mechanical and quartz watches in terms of price which is a very important factor for many buyers the mechanical models are more expensive. This is due to the fact that during assembling the accurate manual setting is performed. However production of quartz watches is automated to a large extent. In respect to durability of both types of models the view that mechanical watches are more durable does not completely correspond to reality.
Life cycle of quartz watches moving parts is the same as for the mechanical ones.
It could be the end of watches evolution. However cell phones appeared. Not those “blocks” used for communication about 20 years ago. As early as the beginning of the zero years a cell phone fit a woman’s palm and displayed time on the screen. Wrist watches got a competitor.
But watches did not give up their positions because all the time they were considered to be as near as the most necessary and beautiful accessory. Having reached the heights in providing accuracy movement the manufacturers of watches got concentrated on the appearance and there the most successive are those who are in a better position for this.
We would like to bring to your attention the Guardo trademark – an Italian watch brand with headquarters in Brescia where it was founded in 2000.
The Company has its own design bureau developing new watch collections. Production is located in Asia at one of the largest watch factories with state-of-art equipment. It means that 80% of watches assembling operations are carried out by robotized mechanisms which in turn allow achieving embossed accuracy and excellent quality.
The outstanding feature of all Guardo watches models is the utilization of quartz mechanisms of the best world manufacturers:


Thus Guardo watches mean reliability and accuracy. It is a stylish accessory that highlights your perfect style.