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Key features
·    Unique model designs developed by developed by brand constructors
·    Watches are equipped with Miyota and Epson quartz movement
·    Cases and metal wristbands are covered with PVD Ion sputter
·    Water resistant (3 АТМ)
 During the preparation of the Fashion Collection we use the Alloy material.
Alloy is a special type of aluminum and zinc alloy used in watch industry for cases and wristbands manufacturing. Alloy is not a certain material but an alloy in general. By tradition the word alloy is used in watch industry to mark the material used for casting method production of cases. To coat the cases and wristbands the ion sputter is used (PVD — Physical Vapour Deposition). It is one of the most modern and reliable technologies for the now. Case or another part of a watch is placed into special chamber where negative pressure near to vacuum is created. Then argon inert gas which is ionized by strong electric field is pumped into the reservoir. Positively charged ions of argon attack negative electrode made from metal used for the coating and strike out ions which after taking run are inserted into the crystal latitude of coated detail metal.
A transient layer appears on the watch surface where the metal of case is mixed with the metal of coating. Because of this it is impossible to measure the coating thickness and it is considered that durability of ionic coating is equivalent to the durability of the galvanic one with a thickness of not less than 3 microns. The material used for straps is a pressed skin.
Watches are equipped with MIYOTA and EPSON reliable quartz movement. All watches pass water resistance test (3 ATM) and a corresponding label at the rear cover of a watch is applied (water resistant). Watch cover is made of steel which is proved with a corresponding mark (stainless steel back).